Cramps In Lower Abdominal Area – A Serious Condition

Cramps in the lower abdominal area, cramps in lower abdomen female, cramps in male genitals. Cramps sometimes caused due to excessive flow of blood to veins in the pelvic region. They are painful and discomforting. They are also a symptom of ovarian cysts.

The condition is more common in women than in men. The uterus or womb is not positioned downwards but rather its position is wrong that causes pressure on the adjacent muscles of the abdomen and lower region of lower back. It is a very common complaint in women from all age groups. While some of them may have just cramps in lower abdomen female there are many others who complain of cramps in lower abdomen female.

Some women may experience cramps in lower abdomen even without any other symptom. But if the symptoms are chronic and occur continuously for over 2 days then medical consultation should be sought. Though most of the women complain of cramps in lower abdomen while they are lying in bed but sometimes it can be serious if the person is not able to lie flat on back with full relaxation. It can result in severe aches in upper abdomen. It is recommended that a person suffering from cramps in lower abdomen should rest at least two to three days without straining and should get sufficient amount of sleep.